Prince2 Practitioner Workshop

Allow yourself the best possible chance of passing the Prince2 Practitioner exam. Failing is not an option at the current cost of writing the exam. It is highly recommended that you attend this workshop if you intend writing the Prince2 Practitioner exam. Knowing the book mighty not be enough to pass the exam.

Prince2 Practitioner Exam is a complex Multiple choice exam. It will include a project scenario and you need to apply Prince2 to the project scenario. It is unlike any exam that you have done before and in order to pass the Practitioner exam you WILL need some instruction on how to interpret the questions in order to get the right answers. Prince2 practitioner exam is an open book exam and it allows the official manual to be used as a reference material.

Exam details
•    2.5 hrs. (extended time allowed for those where English is not their first language)
•    8 questions, each worth 140 marks
•    55% pass required (44 / 80)
•    Open book exam – official manual can be used

Workshop requirements
•    Passed Prince2 foundation exam
•    Know and studied the Prince2 manual
•    Completed the online learning

NOTE – We not teaching you about Prince2 on the workshop, we primarily focus on the Practitioner exam. We do however give a high level overview and focus on important aspects of the themes and processes.

Workshop schedule

8:00am – Tea/coffee & biscuits on arrival.
8:30am – Start with the Practitioner preps workshop.
12:30pm – Lunch break (lunch provided).
1:15pm – Back to workshop.
3:00pm – 15 minutes break.
3:15pm – Back to workshop.
4:30pm – End for the day.

 Practitioner exam
The Practitioner Examination is a 2.5-hour “open-book” multiple choice based case study exam designed to test your ability to apply the PRINCE2 method to the working environment.

 APMG’s exam terms and conditions.

We are no longer accepting registration for this event.